Substance-API summary

Service URL HTTP-
Respons    Release   
info <Base> GET HTML document with information about the current installation and access to the documentation of SubAPI 2012-03-27
terminologies <Base>/terminologies
GET If no query is applied, a list of all valid terminologies in the current repository is returned. The query applied limits the list to all terminologies in one specific language 2012-03-27
terminology <Base>/terminologies/{terminology} GET Terminology card for the given terminology {terminology} 2012-03-27
substance <Base>/substances/{terminology}/{name} GET Substance card for the substance identified by {name}[{terminology}]. 2012-03-27
substances_in_terminology <Base>/substances/{terminology} GET All substance names in {terminology}. Use this service only when you want to dump a whole collection of substances. 2012-03-27
synonyms <Base>/substances/{terminology}/{name}/synonyms GET List of synonym terms of {name}[{terminology}]. 2012-03-27
groups <Base>/substances/{terminology}{name}/groups GET List of synonym terms of {name}[{terminology}]. 2012-03-27
products <Base>/{terminology}/{name}/products GET List of products (NPLids) in which the substance {name}[{terminology}] is an active substance.
interagents <Base>/terminologies/{terminology}/sid/{name}/interagents GET List of substances that have known interactions with the substance {name}[{terminology}] Later
substance_name_prefix <Base>/query/prefix/{prefix} GET Retrieve all the substance terms that starts with the prefix {prefix}. 2012-03-27
substance_name_match <Base>/query/match?q={pattern} GET Retrieve all the substance terms whose names matches the pattern {pattern}. Accepted patterns are those valid in Unix style file matching, with wildcards ? and *, character sets [abc] for character included and [~abc] for characters excluded. 2012-03-27
suggestions <Base>/suggestions/<term> GET Substance name suggestions based on the term <term> out of a spell checker logic. Later
search <Base>/query/search?query={query_text} GET List of substances which satisfy the query on the whole text of the substance card Later
OS-Descripion Document <Base>/os GET Open search integration Later
OS-Query <Base>/os?q={search_terms} GET Later
OS-Suggestions <Base>/os/suggest?{search_terms} Later

More information at: User Manual (swedish, PDF)